Student Blog – Week beginning 10th March 2014

Year 10 & 11 ELBS Students go to the farm first thing in the morning before they come into school and then give us an account of what they did and what they enjoyed at the farm: Students are given a questionnaire to complete with the following questions: 1. What you did during your week on farm duty? 2. What you enjoyed?. 3. What you didn’t enjoy? 4. Your favourite animal and why? 5. What was the weather like? 6. Did anything out of the ordinary happen? 7. Any comments you would like to make.

Harry:  On my week at the farm, my favourite thing to do was to collect the eggs from HARRYthe chickens but Colin tried to attack me twice!!  The HARRY2thing I didn’t enjoy was probably clearing out the pig poo!  It was really smelly!  The weather was mainly dry which was good because I mostly had to refill the duck pond.  I think that we had the luckiest week on the farm because the lambs are supposed to be born sometime this week.  I am looking forward to my next week of farm duty. 🙂

Ollie:  On my week at the farm I had to clean out the piglets, feed crackle and feed the OLLIE cleaning pigletspiglets.  I also had to clean out the calves and clean Crackle.  I didn’t enjoy cleaning out the pig poo!!  My favourite animal on the farm is Colin.  The weather was mainly dry.

Cameron C:  During my week at the farm I cleaned and fed the pigs, rabbits and guineaCAMERON pigs.  I enjoyed looking after the rabbits but didn’t enjoy the pigs.  My favourite animal is the rabbits.  The weather was good but nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Owen S: I fed the animals and weighed the eggs.  The thing I enjoyed the most was OWENfeeding the pigs but didn’t enjoy cleaning out of the pig’s house.  My favourite animal is the rabbit.  The weather way sunny and nothing out of the ordinary happened.