Shearing day: before, during and after…

shearingWednesday, 4th June.

We’ve just had our sheep sheared, by Alan from Bicton College, and many students were lucky enough to watch.

Shearing sheep is a job which takes time to learn and require considerable skill to do properly and well – as ours were. The sheep has to be kept calm, be carefully held and it’s skin kept tight so the the wool clips cleanly. Some sheep also shear more easily because they have less ‘lanolin’ in their wool than the others, so in the pictures you can see than some are slightly closer shorn than others (and indeed just how much wool some sheep have had…). Before being shorn the sheep were getting too hot, afterwards they are much more comfortable. Their wool will grow back in time for any cold weather.

  •  Mary before shearing mbefore
  • Mary after shearingmsheard
  • Calvin beforedbefore
  • Calvin aftercsheard
  • Ewe lamb beforelbefore
  • Ewe lamb afterlshorn
  • Mule beforemubefore
  • Mule aftermusheard