September update

With everyone back at school it’s past time for some farm news.

The new pigs (see the last post) are growing astonishingly fast (we try to weigh them every week), but, as the graph pigs3shows something odd happened in late August. The pigs grew very fast when we got them, slowed down in late August, and then have grown very fast again recently. The reason for such a change is clearer if you know one important fact – the pigs were put outside in late August. Being outside the pigs were more active than if they were indoors, so they used up more energy, and they also got sun burnt which must have harmed them a little more than we thought. It’s certainly true that our pigs are happier outdoors doing what pigs like to do, but its also true the same pigs in pens grow more reliably.

The recent dry weather is causing us some problems. mistmaryThere is now very little grass for the sheep, or the calves, so we are feeding them both some hay each day. But, some of the lambs have joined the ewes on holiday on Dartmoor, so our grass is getting a bit of a rest. They really run fast for their early morning feed!

For the bees the warm dry weather means they can get out and work the last important flower of the year, ivy. We like to feed the bees at this time to make sure they have enough food for the winter – you can just see some bees in the feeder in the picture.beefeed They are being feed sugar syrup.

We now also have some turkeys. More about them in another post…