Crackle Farrows 22 March 2015

Crackle has today farrowed, two days early!  Thanks once again to intuition, Andrea was at the farm just as the second piglet was born.   Sadly the next three were born dead and after a long wait a further live piglet was born.  It was then a couple of hours before the next three appeared, one in quick succession after the other.  A large black piglet was born at 4.30 making it number 10.    Watch this space as we are not sure if she has finished yet. P1020483 P1020493 I will leave Pete to edit this with more accurate farming terminology, when he has finished pacing up and down! Latest update 6.30 pm – Crackle has had a total of 17 piglets but sadly only 11 survived. Crackle has done us proud again.  Well done Crackle!

FURTHER UPDATE – 25 MARCH 2015:  Unfortunately farming is not all about cute little lambs or piglets, it has its sad side too.  Sadly five of Crackle’s remaining piglets have died leaving her with 6.  All six piglets and Crackle have been vaccinated with penicillin in case there is a bacterial infection which is affecting them and the dead piglets have been taken to the Animal and Plant Health Agency Veterinary Investigation Centre in Starcross for tests, to see if they can let us know why our piglets have been stillborn or died shortly after birth.   We will update you as soon as we have any further information, but this could take a couple of weeks.  For now, we hope that Crackle and her remaining piglets will be okay and we are all keeping a very close eye on them. Sunday 29th March – 1 week old – Today the piglets have been quite lively.  Two are being topped up with a bottle as they are very small compared to the other four.


Monday 20th April 2015 :  It’s hard to see now which two piglets were bottle fed as they are all pretty much the same size.  All six piglets are thriving.  The report from the Animal and Plant Health Agency Veterinary Investigation Centre in Starcross showed that there were no pathogens present.