Student Blog 2016

Year 10 & 11 ELBS Students go to the farm first thing in the morning before they come into school and then give us an account of what they did and what they enjoyed at the farm: Students are given a questionnaire to complete with the following questions: 1. What you did during your week on farm duty? 2. What you enjoyed?. 3. What you didn’t enjoy? 4. Your favourite animal and why? 5. What was the weather like? 6. Did anything out of the ordinary happen? 7. Any comments you would like to make.

Week beginning 27 June 2016:  Liam: This week at the farm I have enjoyed everything we did eg. feed the pig, chickens etc. because it is something different and I enjoy working with animals.

Henry F:  I really liked feeding the pigs because it reminds me of when we used to have pigs on our land.  When I got to the farm on Monday I got asked to empty out the bags of feed into the proper designated feed bins.  I also go asked to feed and water the chickens then collect and weigh the eggs.  I got shown the correct feed for the rabbits, guinea pigs and ducklings.  I managed to feed them all properly and not to forget to feed them.   Yesterday, myself, Liam and Tom helped Miss put boots up into the hay loft to tidy up for the ELBS BBQ while talking about fertilizer and bailing.  Overall, I had a great time at the farm this week.  Who knows what could happen today!

Tom D:  Overall I enjoyed my time at the farm, I particularly enjoyed feeding the piglets as they also seemed to have a taste for my boots!  I also found it quite amusing watching Liam feed the young cockerels had it in for him and kept attacking him.

Week beginning 20th June 2016: Chloe A: On Monday I did the ducks, chickens and geese.  I also watered the plants.  Personally Monday was the worse day because it was raining a lot.  On Tuesday I cleaned out and fed the piglets and the other two pigs.  I really enjoyed sitting with the piglets however Wednesday was my best day because I got to do the lambs and the small animals which I loved.  On Thursday I did the ducks, chickens and geese again.  I learnt how to tell the duck and chicken eggs apart which is really helpful and as the week progressed the weather warmed up which was really nice!

Lucy Partridge: On Monday I cleaned out the pigs.  It was raining so I was glad to be inside.  The piglets were trying to eat my feet! I climbed into the pig house and cleaned out the trough.  On Tuesday I fed the ducks, chickens and geese.  The smaller chickens attacked me.  On Wednesday I cleaned out the pigs again.  On Thursday I fed the guinea pigs, rabbit and chicks.  I also put the guinea pigs into the outdoor pen.  The worst bit was the heat, the best bit was holding the guinea pigs and rabbit.

Kimberley M: On  Monday I fed the guinea pigs, rabbit the ducklings and the baby chicks. Later on I watered the plants in the poly tunnels.  I then went to feed the chickens and ducks on a later day, after I cleaned out the pigs and watered the plants.  I enjoyed my week at the farm but Monday was my best day.

Week beginning 13 June 2016:  Emma W: Monday & Tuesday I fed the lambs and got the eggs.  Wednesday: I got the eggs and watered the plants.

Lucy C:  Monday:  On Monday morning I arrived late at the farm and forgot my farm cloths so I had to wear some spare overalls and they were so big I found it difficult to walk. I quickly went down to the bottom of the farm to feed the pig (me and my friend Emma) then went to feed all the smaller animals, starting  with the little chicks.  Their food came in a big bag and I had to fill their small chicken feeders with it, which was difficult because if I poured the food into the feeder it would spill everywhere but if I took handfuls and placed it in the feeder it would take a really long time.  Then I fed the rabbit Blue and the two guinea pigs.  Tuesday morning started with me and Emma giving the two lambs their last bottle of warm milk which  they downed instantly.  Then I went to go and feed the pig and all the small animals again but this time I had to feed the chicken and the three duckings that were put together in one small cage and that made it really difficult to collect their food bowl.  Eventually I needed Emma’s help as every time I opened the cage door the chicken would walk right up to block the entrance whilst the ducklings were all sitting on top of the food bowl making it impossible to grab hold of.  After a lot of poking and pushing we finally fed and watered the chicken and duckling.  On Wednesday morning I only had 20 minutes down the farm because I had to get to school early so I quickly fed the pig, fed and watered the rabbit and guinea pig.  Thursday was my last lime doing farm duty, I went to collect the chicken and duck eggs then feed and water them (whilst getting attacked by a chicken) then give the leftover food to the geese.  Then I washed and weighed and labelled the eggs (having broken two), watched my friend Emma get surrounded by piglets nibbling at her clothes and feed the rabbit, chicks and guinea pig then top up their water.  Didn’t have to feed the chicken and ducklings because they were made a nice new pen so they could have more room to run around.

Week beginning 6 June 2016:  Chelsea:  At the farm I fed the new lambs and all the other animals.  I also looked after Crackle, the pig.

Week beginning 9 May 2016:  Ella H:  Monday – I fed the chickens and put water out for them, collected the eggs and washed them and weighed them  Tuesday: I pretty much did the same thing as Monday.  Wednesday: I did the pigs, fed them and also Crackle.  I fed and watered the rabbit and guinea pigs.  Moved the big ducklings into a new home. Thursday: I bottle fed the lambs and carried them into the garden.  I fed the pigs and Crackle.  Fed the rabbit and guinea pigs  I enjoyed this week.  My favourite thing was bottle feeding the lambs, also having nice mornings as well.  Thank you.

Chloe M:  I don’t like to feed the ducks because they are smelly but this week I have really enjoyed doing the farm because of feeding the lambs.  I didn’t realise how heavy they actually are and how strong their grip is on the bottles.

Week beginning 25 April 2016Amber F:  My week helping out at the farm has been amazing.  I get to spend time with my best friend and also find more information about animals.  We have so much fun and laughs at the farm.  My favourite bit is feeding the baby lambs and also feeding the pigs.  I don’t really like feeding the ducks and chickens because they kept chasing us!

Chloe G:  I really enjoy the farm.  We had really good weather and I love doing every job set but I really like feeding the lambs and I don’t really like doing the chickens.

Week beginning 11 April 2016 Emma:I fed the ducks and chickens and the guinea pigs and the rabbit called Blue. I got the eggs from the ducks and chickens and fed the pigs.  I did the same on Tuesday.  On Wednesday I did the same but there was a lamb and twin lambs born.  Thursday: Another set of lambs born.

Lucy C: On Monday I forgot I had farm duty for the week because it was the first day back at school after half term.  My friend reminded me and I quickly rushed up to the farm.  Once I got dressed into some spare overalls, I couldn’t do any jobs so Pete just talked me through how to feed the piglets.  Tuesday:  My partner Emma went to feed the pigs and I went to collect the eggs and feed the ducks, chickens, geese and chicks.  Once all the eggs were collected I went up to the barn to weigh, then record the weight and date the eggs.  Wednesday:  When I got to the farm I saw that three lambs had been born, one was born Tuesday night and the twins were born in the morning (I thought they were incredibly cute).  After I got changed I went down to feed Crackle (the mother pig) and all the piglets.  Unfortunately, I heard the piglets were nearly ready to be sent away but mine and Emma’s favourite piglet (the one with the black nose) who we called Emma will be staying which was nice to hear.  Thursday: When I got to the farm another cute black lamb had been born.  Me and Emma fed and filled the sheep buckets then I filled the piglet’s and Crackle’s buckets of food and came back up to the farm to weigh,clean and record the eggs.

Week Beginning 21 March 2016: Chelsea B: This week I fed the chickens, chicks, ducks, rabbit, pigs, Crackle and the sheep. We also weighed the pigs and moved Crackle outside. It was fun!!

Ben: Monday – Fed the pigs. Tuesday – weighed the pigs. Wednesday – moved Crackle. Best part – feeding the pigs. Worst – weighing the pigs..

Week beginning 7 March 2016:  Jess:  Farm duty this week was good. I enjoyed feeding the animals. I didn’t enjoy the weather when it rained.  I fed the sheep most of the week, I also fed the guinea pigs and rabbit.

Leah: Whilst we were at Abbrook Farm we have done a range of different things using different skills this week. I’ve been feeding the ducks and chickens then collected their eggs to be washed and put into boxes.

Charmaine C: Monday – I showed Connor how to feed the pigs at the bottom (field) and I showed him how much food to put in the bucket.  Tuesday – I fed the sheep up in the top field with Connor, I did the “cake” in the bucket and Connor put hay blocks in, scattered around the farm.  Wednesday:  I fed the sheep in the top field.  The I collected four chicken eggs and three duck eggs.  I fed the chickens and the ducks too.   Thursday – I helped Connor feed the sheep up in the top field, then we changed their water because it looked muddy.  We cleaned out the black one thoroughly because it had a layer of mud in the bottom of it.

Connor:  At the school farm I fed the pigs and the two lambs  I also gave them hay and spread straw around their pen.  I have also put straw in the top field for the sheep and watered them.  I also put soil from one bag to another to make them both half full.  I have also mucked out the chickens and in the process found eggs.  Whilst at the farm I have greatly enjoyed myself as it gave me more experience with the animals and farming.  There is nothing I would change about Abbrook Farm as it is a nice place and a pleasure to be at.

Week Beginning 29 February 2016:  Ella H: I really enjoyed this week doing farm duty.  I liked feeding the pigs, sheep, chicks and ducks, also cleaning out their areas.  I would do this every other week if I was allowed to.  It would be nice to have new animals maybe ponies, small cows and goats.  Also I love all the animals on the farm even if they do make a mess.  Thank you to Pete and Andrea.

Week beginning 22 February 2016:  Liam F: At the farm every morning we had to go and feed the chickens, duck, sheep and pigs.  We also had to clean the pigs.  I liked it when we had to weigh the pigs because it was different.  To improve the farm they could have more breeds or different animals.

Tom D: I enjoyed my week on farm duty because I liked going to the pigs to feed them and I would throw it (the food) in the back of their house and they would go mad.  I also really like feeding the sheep their sheep nuts because they would try to nick it out of your bucket!

Week Beginning 8 February 2016:  Amber: My week doing farm duty was really fun.  I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it but I did!  My favourite thing was cleaning out the indoor pigs and feeding them, I also enjoy every minute of the farm.

Week Beginning 1 February 2016: Chloe A: I loved doing everything however, I really enjoyed collecting the eggs from the ducks and chickens and feeding them also.  I liked feeding the rabbit and sheep, cleaning out the pigs wasn’t fun to begin with but  as I got used to the smell it got easier.  Also carrying the food was a fun challenge, but overall I had a really good first week and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

Kim:   On Monday I fed the sheep and I weighed the duck eggs.  On Wednesday I went and fed the ducks, chickens and geese.  I got 2 eggs from the ducks.  I then cleaned out the pigs.  My week up the farm was good and I enjoyed it.

Week beginning 25 January 2016:  Lucy C: Farm duty was really fun at times because I got a bit of experience of how a farm is usually run.  We got to see and feed all the animals and collect the chicken and duck eggs, which was nice.  Every morning we had to clean out the pig pen and sometimes shovel all the muck onto the muck pile  But then the next day I got to feed all the animals which was nice, and still clean out muck.  That was my best day because I got to do a bit of everything even though it was raining.  My worst however, was the following day, Thursday when I got attacked by the geese twice, which made me drop the only egg I found that morning and I fell over in the mud pit outside when I was feeding the outdoor pig which got my whole left side completely wet and muddy.  Then on our last day we got to do a bit of everything again.

Emma W: Day 1:  Me and Lucy C clean out the pigs.  When Lucy C was putting the poo on the poo heap I fed the ducks and got 2 eggs but 0 eggs from the chickens.  Day 2: the same as Day 1.  Day 3: I was not there. Day 4: I fed the sheep and the lambs and the pigs, cleaned out the pigs and went to school!

Week beginning 18 January 2016:  Chelsea B:  Everyday I went to the farm and fed all the animals including pigs, sheep, chickens,ducks and geese.  I had a fantastic experience of working on a farm.

Ben C:  This week at the farm I have fed the pigs, chickens and ducks.  I collected the chicken and duck eggs and mucked out the piglets.  The best part was feeding the animals.  The worst part was cleaning the pigs enclosure.  I think that the farm should get lots of disposable gloves so that we don’t smell of pigs all day at school!

Jamie B: Monday:  Go to the farm and the first job was to clean out the indoor pigs with Ben, once we swept it,  we loaded up the wheel barrow and emptied it out onto the dung heap.  Tuesday:  Did the same as Monday.  Wednesday:  I wasn’t in school due to the ice.  Thursday:  Me and Ben went to feed the out door pigs which was a very messy job because the trough had tipped over and we had to put our hands in all the mud/poo about 11 cm deep and tip it back over.  Friday:  Went to feed the outdoor pigs and then we had to load up Crackle onto the trailer which took a while.  She started charging and refusing to go in the trailer  This week has been fun and I learned a bit.  I only worried with the pigs but it was good fun!

Week beginning 5 January 2016:  Jess A: My first week doing farm duty was fun, the weather wasn’t too good but I love feeding ALL the animals but the geese were very loud and annoying and there weren’t many eggs.  My least favourite part was cleaning out the pig’s pen because they smell and we had to keep them in the little box because they chew your boots!  Where the outside pigs are was very muddy and my boot kept getting stuck and I almost fell over.  Overall it was good and I can’t wait to do it again.