Our first lamb of the season has arrived, more to follow……

Breaking News:  14:01 Tuesday 12th April, the first lamb of the season was born at Abbrook Farm.  We will update you with further news and photos as the day progresses.


2016: First born Ewe lamb



There are several Ewes due to lamb in the next couple of weeks.





Wednesday 13th April:  Twin lambs born


Thursday 14th April 2016:  Mary has had twin lambs again this year: (pictured below)

Tuesday 19th April:  8:32 Liz had her first lamb followed by it’s twin at 9:13, one ewe and one ram lamb: 


Twins born 19.4.2016 – Liz

Wednesday 20th April:  Triplets born with the assistance of “Midwife Andrea”. The first was born backwards, the second was born normally and the third had it’s legs pointing backwards so Andrea had to assist with triplet one and three.  All three lambs were on their feet within 20 minutes of birth and are lively and vociferous. This evening Andrea had to tube feed them colostrum.


Triplets born 20.04.2016 to 7727

We are now patiently waiting for our last Ewe to lamb (pictured below)

Her lamb was born Thursday 21st April 2016


Once we know the lambs are feeding okay we let them out into the field with the other lambs and ewes.  It is lovely to watch them running and jumping around with the other lambs.