Breaking News -Piglets arrive today

Crackle has today given birth to 13 piglets, 3 were stillborn but the other 10 are incredibly lively.  She started to farrow at about 10:45 this morning, the last piglet arriving at 13:35.  Pete and Andrea had been popping up at regular intervals during the night, as we knew it was going to be soon.


Crackle’s 10 piglets feeding 5pm 27.05.2016

Crackle is a very content pig and so are her piglets

Day 2: Today the piglets were vaccinated with Iron. Piglets need iron supplements because they have a low iron reserves at birth and a high grow rate. Crackle’s milk covers about 10% of the iron they need so an iron injection is the most common way of giving them the supplement they need.

Following their injection they were all playing together prior to another feed and plenty of sleep.  Very contented little pigs!!!

Sunday 29th May 2016:  Piglets all looking well and lively, including going outside the comfort of their nest.  Although we have a lamp set up for them to lie under they are preferring just to lie on top of each other in they hay.  Crackle is looking well and being an incredibly good mother, as always.