Spring 2017 – Lambing season arrives

18 March 2017:  Twins born today.  These are the last of our lambs due this year, bringing our total this year to 16.   Most of the lambs are out in the field now. More photos to follow.

14 March 2017:  TRIPLETS!!!  One of our mules has had triplets.  Mum seems to be coping well with feeding three and they all seems to be getting plenty of milk but just in case, we have the bottles on hand to top them up.





11 March 2017:   We have had another two Ewes lamb this morning.  One had a single lamb, the other twins.




8 March 2017:  Two of the  mules have had their lambs today.  One gave birth to a large ewe lamb the other a large ram lamb.

3 March 2017 – Whilst Crackle was farrowing, Strimmer was giving birth to lambs a very productive and busy night.


2 March 2017:  Our smallest LLeyn ewe “June” has today had a ewe lamb.

27 February 2017: Liz has today given birth to two ram lambs.


Lambs 4 days old


The first of two lambs born today.  The lamb was on his feet within minutes of being born

22 February 2017:  One of our older ewes, Mary today gave birth to a ram lamb.  “Mary had a large, ram lamb, his fleece was black as coal.”  A photograph will appear here shortly. Her daughter Liz (from a couple of years ago) is due to lamb in the next day or so.


Mary’s lamb 9 days old


New born lamb – he now on his feet and bounding around


As school starts again after half term the farm is starting one of its busiest times of the year. We are expecting both the sheep to lamb and Crackle to farrow within the next two weeks.

As and when things happens we’ll be posting updates!