Student Blog 2018

The Student Blog is back for 2017/18

Year 10 & 11 ELBS Students go to the farm first thing in the morning before they come into school and then give us an account of what they did and what they enjoyed at the farm:

Week Beginning 5 March:  Jake S:  I like doing all the jobs in the farm.  There is nothing I don’t like doing and the best thing I like to do at the farm is to collect the eggs from the chickens and the ducks.

JonnyChickens: We collect the chicken eggs from the chicken shed. We weigh the chicken eggs and put them in a box so we can take them to Teign School.  We cleaned out the chicken shed, taking out the dirty straw to re-new it.   Ducks: We collect the duck eggs from the shed and weigh the duck eggs and clean out the shed.  Pigs: We fed the pigs 1 1/2  scoops of pellets and then when they are eating we have to clean out the pig pen.  We shovel the straw and poo into a wheelbarrow and tip it in the dump.  Lambs:  We feed the sheep 1/2 scoop of ewe nuts and if the water has straw in it we have to clean it out and fill it up with water that is clean.  Geese: We just feed the Geese with chicken food.  

I don’t hate any of the jobs that I have to do, I just get on with it.  I like to feel that I am helping the farm and making the farm run nicely.

Week beginning 19 February 2018:  Emily H:  When I was at the farm I helped out with cleaning out the pigs, sheep and chickens.  I had a good time at the farm and can’t wait to go back.

Phillipa B:  At the farm I cleaned out the pigs pen indoors, also I cleaned out the chickens, I fed the sheep and did their hay and water.  I enjoyed my week at the farm and I think it was a good experience.

Week beginning 5 February 2018:  Ella:  I loved doing farm duty because it was a good experience and I loved looking after all the animals.  I would rate it 10/10.  What did I do?:

  • Fed and watered the chickens, twice
  • cleaned the chickens out, twice
  • fed the pigs/piglets
  • fed the sheep, twice
  • cleaned out the barn

I loved farm duty as it was a different experience and to connect with animals, and good for my later life experience.

Annie: On Monday we collected the eggs from the chickens, fed them, then cleaned out the first pen and the second one.  On Tuesday we did the same but cleaned out the third section. On Wednesday I fed the piglets then cleaned out the back barn stable, well we started it, so it is clean for after half term for lambing season. On Thursday I fed the piglets again then we finished off cleaning the back barn. It was a great experience, I love doing it and can’t wait to do it again.

Week beginning 29 January 2018:  Lilli S:  In the mornings I have cleaned up the ducks/chickens.  I didn’t mind doing it as it was easy to do.

Week beginning 22 January 2018:  Loui J: What I liked about helping up on the farm is the pigs and sheep. I like cleaning them out and also helped with the chickens.  It has been a good experience for me and I would love to go again.

Week beginning 15 January 2018:  Rhianna:  My week at the farm was excellent.  I experienced new and exciting things.  I got to clean out the ducks and chickens. I fed the sheep and gave them fresh water and hay.  I also fed the chickens and collected their eggs.  It was all in all an amazing week.

Week beginning 2 January 2018:  Katie:  My time on the farm was fantastic because I was looking after the pigs.  I had to feed them and get rid of all the old hay and clear out their poo!  I loved every bit of my experience it was amazing.  However, on the first day the weather was awful but you can’t help it.

Molli B: My time at the farm was very fun as it’s nicer to be out doing something with animals than being in a classroom not doing much!  There is always something to do at the farm so you are always busy helping out by either cleaning out, feeding or collecting eggs.  I have really enjoyed my experience at the farm as I love working with animals and it gives me a good start to the day.

Charlotte A: This week at the farm I started off by helping out with the sheep on the first day. I watered and fed them and checked some of the ewe’s feet and I had to help feed the pig called Crackle.  It was really wet and muddy down there!  The next day I helped out with the sheep again and I like doing it because you are beginning to understand what needs doing in the mornings.  The third day I started by cleaning out the other pig called Penny and fed her, which was good.  After that I went to do the sheep again and moved some hay and straw.  I have enjoyed the experience this week but the weather has been not so great, but whatever the weather the animals still need to be cared for.

Week beginning 8 January 2018:  Quentin: Great week at the farm, moving animals, feeding animals and odd jobs around the farm.  I reckon the best bit was moving the pigs around.  One of them was running around the place like a mad thing!  Overall it was worth doing it.  Thanks Pete & Andrea for the week, I hope to do it again.