Breaking News – The Lambing Season at Abbrook is here!

I cannot believe it is twelve months since I last wrote about lambing at the farm.

Tuesday 27th February 2018:  This morning one of our Ewes “Prancer” has given birth to twin lambs.

  • Further update 10:20 a third lamb has arrived!
  • Two ram lambs and a ewe lamb


Thursday 1st March:  On a snowy Thursday morning. Mary gave birth to twin lambs, mum and lambs doing well in a lovely warm barn.

Friday 2nd March:  A very large ram lamb born to our Ewe Strimmer.

All Ewes and lambs doing well.


Saturday 10th March:  Sadly one of our Ewe’s Liz gave birth to twin lambs but they were dead on arrival.  She was given a dose of antibiotics in case of an infection and regularly monitored.  On Sunday morning the vet had to be called as she didn’t seem to be getting any better.  A third lamb was removed by the vet.  Liz remains poorly but we are hopeful that she will pull through, she has always been a very good mum.  In the meantime the Vet is going to get tests done on the dead lamb as a precaution.