One of our new Ewe’s Lambs

I never tire of doing the farm.  No matter what the weather it is always enjoyable.  Today was no exception.  I arrived about 7.30 to the sound of hungry pigs and sheep.  I fed the pigs first as they make the most noise and then the two new ewes.  Both Babs and Stamper were at the fence waiting as usual. As  I stepped over the fence to grab the container for their food, this little face appeared out from behind mum, followed by a second face.  Babs had had her lambs in the early hours of the morning and as a new mum was doing everything she needed to do.  Andrea always goes in at all times of the day and night to check on our sheep and because Babs & Stamper are first time mums has been keeping an extra eye on them but she had decided she wanted to go it alone.

The lambs are incredibly cute as always and I will post some photos tomorrow.