For the first time this year, I have had the pleasure of working at the farm again, being one of several farm volunteers who help out over the summer, along with those who also cover the weekends and other holidays throughout the year.  It is evident that a lot of work has been carried out by students and staff over that last academic year and the farm is looking great.  As it is a while since either myself or Pete has had the chance to write for the blog, here is a brief update.

Crackle Summer 2019


Crackle is now retired and enjoying a quiet life in her paddock.  She still loves to be made a fuss of and welcomes a rub on the head.





The hens continue to lay their delicious eggs regularly.  There are two groups of chickens.  One consisting of 7 hens and one of 4 hens with a cockerel (Simon)



Penny, one of Crackle’s piglets became our breeding sow a couple of years ago and is currently expecting her third litter of piglets. Penny is very vocal and like her mum enjoys plenty of attention.



The ducks are as vocal as ever and enjoy a clean pond in the morning when they are released from their overnight accommodation.  Some of our Khaki Cambell ducks are getting on a bit now and sadly we have lost a couple recently.  They continue to amuse us though.



The ewes produced many lambs this year. Seven of the ewe lambs have been kept and will hopefully produce our lambs of the future.



The polytunnels and planted beds are full of produce including tomatoes, sweet corn, and runner beans, and the current rain has been very welcome. Hopefully, though, the sunshine and warmth will return shortly.