First look at the bees

13th March

Today we’ve been able to look inside the beehives for the first time this year. There is good and, just perhaps, some less good news.

First the good news. Both colonies are growing in size and are active.

beewellOne colony of bees looks very well. To the left is a picture of a ‘frame’ (a part from inside that hive and in fact upside down) showing brood, the just visible curled up grubs, and ‘house bees’ covering them to keep them warm. It’s hard to see but from the look and pattern we can tell the growing bees are well.

The next picture, to the right, is from our other hive. Amazingly the large queenbsac bee can be seen pretty much in the middle of the picture – we were very lucky to picture this. But, at the top middle and lower left instead of white curled up brood there are scattered brown, dead grubs. Most likely this is a disease called ‘sac brood’ but it might be a ‘foul brood’ disease which would be more serious. We will do some checks to find out which it is.