GCSE ELBS is an option taken by 30 to 40 students each year within Key Stage 4 Science time. It is a hands-on course with practical understanding and skills at its heart. It is aimed at those students who are interested in the possibility of working outside once they finish school and aims to give a taste of work-based learning.

The course comprises three units:

Management of the Natural Environment – studying ‘outside’ things – conservation, farming, forestry, ecology (20% of marks – computer based exam)

Commercial Horticulture, Agriculture and Livestock – learning specific skills about raising plants, amenity planting, working with livestock and productive farming (20% of marks – computer based exam)

Coursework and Skills Portfolio – 2 major projects plus practical skills (60% of marks)

Wherever possible the students are offered a practical and skills-based chance to learn the techniques and theory involved. This is done using our amazing school farm, a wide range of supportive local businesses and the fantastic countryside that we are lucky to be surrounded by.

Students who opt for this GCSE will also study GCSE Science so that they finish Year 11 with 2 grades in GCSE Sciences like other Year 11 students. It is not suitable as a route for those students wanting to study A Level Sciences at Teign, but is considered very favourably by Colleges such as Bicton, Duchy and Bridgewater as well as local businesses.


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