One of our Lleyn Ewes is expecting lamb/s this week

(Week beginning 24 February 2014)

Pictures below:   “I’m still waiting”.


Dave and Calvin – Rams

SAM_2558 SAM_2587


All our Ewes have now had their lambs and we are pleased to report they are all healthy and thriving.

lambs 062

Pictured above is our first Ewe to Lamb with one of her lambs.

lambs 012

The triplets pictured above are incredibly cute but very naughty!!

Monday 19th March 2012

Another Ewe gave birth this evening to one live lamb and sadly a still born.  This is all part of Farm Life and fortunately it doesn’t happen often.  All the other lambs are doing well and putting on weight.

All of the triplets were given a good start with a little extra Colostrum fed through a tube straight into their stomachs. One of the triplets is being given a bottle to supplement him.

17th March 2012:  Triplets born.

16th March 2012:  Twin lambs born this morning

Mother and Lambs are doing well.  There are two more Ewes due to give birth over the weekend.

 Four of Teign Schools resident Ewe’s all due to lamb in the Spring

Ewe Vaccination

Week beginning 23rd January 2012

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