Student Blog – Week beginning 17th March 2014

Year 10 & 11 ELBS Students go to the farm first thing in the morning before they come into school and then give us an account of what they did and what they enjoyed at the farm: Students are given a questionnaire to complete with the following questions: 1. What you did during your week on farm duty? 2. What you enjoyed?. 3. What you didn’t enjoy? 4. Your favourite animal and why? 5. What was the weather like? 6. Did anything out of the ordinary happen? 7. Any comments you would like to make

Sam:  During my week on the farm I cleaned out the pigs, collected the chicken eggs Samand fed the pigs.  I most enjoyed collecting the eggs but didn’t enjoy cleaning the pig poo.  My favourite animal on the farm was Thumper, the weather was mostly dry.  During my week, 5 lambs were born. 🙂



ConnorConnor W:  On my week at the farm I cleaned out the pigs.  I mostly enjoyed feeding the chickens but didn’t enjoy cleaning out the pigs! My favourite animal on the farm is the rabbit, the weather was sunny and nothing out of the ordinary happened!

Dalton:  During my week of farm duty I fed the pigs, chickens and ducks and Daltoncleaned out the pigs.  I most enjoyed feeding the pigs but didn’t particularly enjoy cleaning them out!  My favourite animal on the farm is Crackle.  The weather was cloudy with some sun.  The lambs were born.  I love being at the farm. 🙂